iHQ is the number one integrated enterprise in Korea setting a standard of excellence in the Asian entertainment market. High quality content, a unique scientific management system, superb human resource infrastructure and a quality production environment are only a few examples of the requisites that make iHQ one of the leaders in the competitive and ever-growing joint Asian entertainment bloc. iHQ will continue to advance as it becomes a leader in the Asian Entertainment field.
iHQ is not an ordinary entertainment management company. The process of combining entertainment contents with infrastructure, new medias, and with professional human resources is what distinguishes iHQ from its peers. iHQ leads the industrialization and globalization of the entertainment business. With its competitive edge, iHQ will continue to create opportunities to make inroads in the world market.

iHQ provides endless enjoyment and new discovery for consumers based on an excellent ability to recognize talent as well as its expertise in production. iHQ is also a catalyst for the industry, stimulating interest to the general public by discovering and developing up-and-coming artists. The expert training team at iHQ provides opportunities to those with exceptional skills to strive for their dreams.