iHQ, an leadingl entertainment company, is now looking for talented new faces. With specialized manpower and state of the art technology, iHQ has discovered and developed numerous entertainers. It also provides optimal training courses and opportunities for those who dream to become entertainers. We thank you for your interest and participation.
1)Fieldactors/ singers/ broadcasters(MC, VJ, comedian, reporter)
/ Model (Commercials, magazines, fashion)
3)Qualificationanyone who is talented (No age limit, both genders)

Submission through HomepageSubmission by Mail

Application Apply for Audition Online Download (MS Word)
Compulsory More than 2 Profile Photos or General Photos

Voice or video file showing self-introduction, performance, singing and special skills (less than 10MB)

Voice or video CD, DVD, 6mm or VHS tape showing self-introduction, performance, singing and specialties.


Click on the link, Apply for Audition Online. (If there is an error with the online application, please submit your application form to us at audition@sidushq.com)

Audition Department IHQ, 5th Fl. Sambo Bldg. 88 Samsungdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul 135-090 Republic of Korea



Free style acting
(from any genres. It can be creative lines or lines from existing works. You have to memorize the script)

You can prepare other personal specialties and materials.
(For example, dance, musical instrument play, mime, portfolios, etc)


Prepare one or two songs
(from any genres, You can sing with music unaccompanied or MR-CD)


MC, free style comedy, and other specialties


Pose, walking, expression, etc

Why don’t you recommend him/her yourself if a talented friend does not have enough guts to apply for the audition themselves iHQ will present you with special gifts when iHQ makes a contract with the friend you recommended. Don’t wait! Send your friend’s photos, profile (name, age, address, body size, school, contact number, etc), the reason you recommend him/her, and your contact number to the e-mail address or office address below.

e-mail : audition@sidusHQ.com
Address: Department of Audition iHQ, 5th Fl., Sambo Bldg., 88 Samsungdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul
135-090, Republic of Korea

Write down your field of application clearly in the application form
You should fill in you contact number (mobile phone and home phone number
Sticker or webcam photos, and other modified photos are not acceptable.
All the application forms, registered either on line or by mail, are closely reviewed are not returned
Successful candidates of the 1st round will be notified in 3 weeks
We will not notify you if you are not accepted for further rounds
Successful candidates of the 2nd round will be posted on a Q&A board every month
Please refer to the Q&A board or <Audition FAQ> corner for more questions about Auditions

Please make sure to refer to the [Audition FAQ] for more questions related to auditions. If you have further questions, please email them to us at audition@sidushq.com.